Ref: Examiner(s) Comments in the Examination Report Dated: 26.07.2013 in the context of Patent Publication No. 20130017279 at USPTO

1. Relevant Extract of USPTO Examination Report

USPTO Patent Examiner(s) took cognizance of TKDL references. Extract of examination report are reproduced below:

“Claims 1-15 are rejected under 35 U.S.C 103(a) as being unpatentable over Krishnaumurty et al. (U), in view of Abu Ali Ibn Sina (V), Mathieu (W), Mottahedeh (N) and Marriott et al. (X).

Abu Ali Ibn Sina teaches a composition consisting of fruit and root of Melia azedarach for treating itching, acne, favus/prurigo, ichthyosis, sclerotitis, otalgia and epistaxis (which are all skin conditions). Abu Ali Ibn sina further teaches that the composition can be in the form of an oil, cleanser, detergent or ointment for topical application.”

Full examination report can be referred at 20130017279.pdf

2. Outcomes of Examination Report.

As the outcome of TKDL references and other documents cited in examination report, the Examiner decided to reject the claims 1-15 on 26-Jul-13. Examination of the application is under progress and reply from the Applicant is still awaited.