Ref: Examiner(s) Comments in the Examination Report Dated: 18.09.2012 in the context of Patent Application No. 913/DEL/2006 at CGPDTM

1. Relevant Extract of CGPDTM Examination report

Based on search conducted in TKDL database the Examiner concluded:


Claims 1 to 6 fall u/s 3(p) of the Patents (Amended) Act, 2005 as prima facie it appears that the said claims are based on traditional knowledge.

Claims 1-6 lacks inventive step u/s2(1)j(a) of the Patents act 1970 in the light of the documents cited below:

4. VS/2473 Mah?l?k??ditailam :
http://www.tkdl.res.in/tkdl/langdefault/Ayurveda/Ayu_Advancesearch.asp?GL=Eng : The document from TKDL describe a herbal formulation containing curcuma longa and sandalwood along with other spices and leaf extracts used for the treatment of skin disorders and other medical conditions..”

Full examination report can be referred at 913-DEL-2006.pdf

2. Outcomes of Examination Report

As the outcome of TKDL references and other documents cited in examination report, the Application is Abandoned U/S 21(1).