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TKDL is a database containing codified literature from Indian Systems of Medicine.TKDL contains more than 2.97 lakh formulations from the texts of traditional medicine systems of India which are Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha.The knowledge related to these areas of medicine is enormous and compiling all the available information is an immense task .The task of digitizing the medicinal information available is being done in a phased manner and has started with public domain knowledge in published books.The selection of books was done based on the decisions of the Task Force Committees of eminent experts from the respective fields of medicine.After each phase of completing a set of books, the task is continuing on a new sets of books.

Time of origin as mentioned, refers to the lifetime of authors of the respective books

In case of compiled books, the time of origin is not given since it is dependent upon the time of origin of back-references from which information is taken.

Current status of transcription of the traditional medicine formulation in the Traditional knowledge Digital Library is given in the following table :
Discipline No. of texts (including volumes) used for transcription Transcribed
Ayurveda 75 books97,337
Unani 10 books1,75,150
Siddha 50 books 23,016
Yoga 15 books 1,680
Total 150 books 2,97,183
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